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Canopy CONNECT gathers and tracks ESG and diversity metrics for each supplier

Canopy CONNECT Supplier Onboarding is a centralised repository for all your data. Diversity and ESG credentials are captured and monitored within the vendor master record, highlighting the best suppliers to work with.

01 / Assess and evaluate suppliers efficiently

Canopy CONNECT streamlines the collection and management of suppliers' data regarding ESG and Diversity criteria during the onboarding process. Procurement teams can quickly report on supply chain adherence to these goals and define business rules based on future requirements.

Now, you can precisely track and report key indicators like carbon emissions and diversity in the supply chain throughout the supplier relationship.

02 / Highlight risks and identify mitigations during onboarding

Canopy CONNECT measures suppliers' ESG and Diversity performance. You can more effectively identify potential risks by systematically evaluating suppliers against predefined sustainability, ethics, and diversity criteria during onboarding.
Now, you can proactively address issues from supplier onboarding onwards and work with suppliers to implement improvements.


03 / Collaborate with the best suppliers and improve performance 

Canopy CONNECT helps to drive positive change, providing a communication channel for sharing best practices, implementing improvement initiatives, and fostering dialogue on ESG and Diversity-related topics.
Now, you can work collectively to enhance your sustainability and diversity initiatives.

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