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Canopy CONNECT eliminates the administrative burden from supplier onboarding

This empowers you to focus attention on driving the strategic opportunities of a best-in-class supply chain while reducing the cost of supplier management by 65%.

01 / Manage the whole supplier onboarding journey in one platform

Canopy CONNECT digitises your supplier onboarding process, creating a seamless workflow that ensures consistency in the data collection and approval journey for all suppliers. Gone are the days of trying to work out if the necessary forms have been filled in. The supplier only ever needs to enter data once.

Now, you have made supplier onboarding fast, reliable and consistent.


02/ Eliminate onboarding administration tasks and improve the supplier experience

Canopy CONNECT pushes the burden of data collection for onboarding to the supplier, so they become directly responsible for the accuracy and recency of the information you rely on for trade. Question sets are dynamic, meaning suppliers are only asked for relevant and appropriate information to the nature of trade, reducing workload and enhancing the supplier's onboarding experience.
Now, you have reduced your team's manual effort, sped up supplier onboarding, and reduced costs by up to 65%.


03 / Automate supplier availability and authorisation

Canopy CONNECT lets you set contract expiration dates, track insurances and monitor compliance documentation during the supplier onboarding journey, so you never have to worry about non-compliant trade. Business rules drive supplier status changes, ensuring prompt departmental alerts and universal visibility of supplier availability.

Now you've eliminated trade with suppliers who do not continue to maintain their compliance standards.


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