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Product Description: Canopy CONNECT
Supplier Onboarding.

Wht is CanopyCONNECT?

What is Supplier Onboarding?

Supplier onboarding is the process of integrating new suppliers into a company's system, ensuring they meet necessary compliance and quality standards. This involves collecting and verifying essential information, such as legal documents, financial data, and compliance certifications. Effective supplier onboarding includes contract management, insurance tracking, and compliance monitoring to help businesses maintain high standards and reduce risks.

What is Canopy CONNECT?

Canopy CONNECT, is a supplier onboarding platform designed to streamline and automate the supplier intake process. It minimises administrative burdens by allowing suppliers to directly manage their data, ensuring accuracy and compliance. The platform facilitates contract management, insurance tracking, and compliance monitoring, helping businesses maintain high standards and reduce risks. By digitising the onboarding workflow, it enhances efficiency and consistency, significantly cutting down the cost of supplier management.


Canopy CONNECT streamlines supplier onboarding, reducing administrative burdens, ensuring compliance, mitigating risk, and promoting social responsibility. This drives sustainable growth and operational efficiency.

Screen grab of Canopy CONNECT Supplier Onboarding software

Key features and benefits

Technology Will Fuel Sustainable Growth

Supplier onboarding technology is your secret weapon for cutting through administrative clutter and driving sustainable growth.

  1. Efficiency: Eliminate endless paperwork and manual processes. Technology streamlines data collection to approvals.

  2. Collaboration: Empower suppliers to share information and communicate in real-time within a centralised platform.

  3. Scalability: Faster onboarding processes enable quick addition of new suppliers, providing the flexibility to scale operations and seize new opportunities.

Minimise Admin and Empower Growth Through Efficiency

Canopy CONNECT alleviates the tedious administrative tasks, allowing your team to focus on growth and efficiency.

  1. Centralisation: Centralise the entire onboarding journey within a single platform.

  2. Dynamic Question Sets: Tailor questions to each supplier’s needs, eliminating unnecessary data collection.

  3. Supplier Empowerment: Suppliers maintain their information accuracy and relevance, reducing manual efforts.

Drive Positive Change with Easier ESG & Diversity Reporting

In today's socially conscious landscape, effective ESG and diversity reporting are essential, and Canopy CONNECT simplifies this process.

  1. Centralised Repository: Gather and track ESG and diversity metrics efficiently.

  2. Proactive Assessment: Assess supplier adherence to ESG and diversity goals during onboarding.

  3. Collaboration: Facilitate dialogue on ESG and diversity topics, advancing sustainability and diversity initiatives.

Ensure Consistency and Compliance

Maintaining consistency and ensuring compliance is crucial, and Canopy CONNECT offers a streamlined approach.

  1. Approval Workflow: Seamless approval from initial request through onboarding.

  2. Single Entry Point: Minimise redundant requests, streamlining the approval process.

  3. Automated Alerts: Timely actions from relevant departments with automated notifications.

  4. Standardised Workflows: Adjust due diligence criteria as needed, ensuring thorough vetting of every supplier.


Canopy CONNECT's Supplier Onboarding module enhances supply chain management by streamlining processes, mitigating risks, and fostering supplier collaboration. Achieve tremendous success in today’s dynamic marketplace with Canopy CONNECT.

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