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Supplier Onboarding

Streamline supplier onboarding. Simplify intake, supplier due diligence, and approvals. Data remains up-to-date. Get notified of actions requiring your attention. Eliminate admin and maximise efficiency.

Wish you could streamline your supplier onboarding processes?

Canopy CONNECT, the Supplier Onboarding module, streamlines supplier intake, due diligence, and approvals around a consistent set of business rules and workflow.

One point of intake allows for the consistent application of business rules. Dynamic question sets optimise the supplier experience so that only necessary and relevant information is collected. Approvers and operators are automatically notified when they have tasks to complete, allowing them to carry on with their day job.

Minimal admin. Maximum efficiency.

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Complete visibility of all your suppliers in one secure system

Once approved and validated, suppliers maintain their own information (e.g., compliance certifications, contact details, and bank account data), following the rules you set. This means you have instant access to reliable and trusted information after supplier onboarding.

Explore some of the key benefits below.

Canopy CONNECT includes all the essential features for supplier onboarding

Canopy CONNECT builds value by freeing up time for your procurement staff to access and act on the business-critical information it places at their fingertips. Manage by exception, and automate acceptable BAU.

The highest standards of data security 

Canopy CONNECT elevates your data security protections throughout supplier onboarding by moving sensitive information from email to a secure platform. Data is held with strict access controls (ISAE 3402), and you can determine the level of access for different authorised stakeholders. 


3 Tiers of Supplier Management Excellence

Canopy has tiered modules for Data Management, Supplier Onboarding, and Lifecycle Management. Designed to give small procurement teams complete visibility of supplier data and eliminate manual admin from your supply chain operations.

01/ Canopy COLLECT

Supplier Data Management

No more scattered data. Configurable Vendor Master Records ensure one source of truth. Maximum visibility, minimal admin. Access supplier data effortlessly.

02/ Canopy CONNECT

Supplier Onboarding

Streamline supplier onboarding. Automate intake, due diligence, and approvals. Suppliers maintain their data. Get notified of their actions. Eliminate admin, maximise efficiency.

03/ Canopy CONTROL

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Monitor supplier risk, performance, and compliance. Automate actions per business rules. Manage availability in ERP, and safeguard against non-compliance and poor performance.

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